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What in the World is Going On – April 2018

What in the world is going on? We have just ended another period of Mercury in retrograde, and this one was a whopper!

During these planetary events we can experience reverses, missed objects, difficulty in communication, break-down of electrical components, and countless other difficulties.

This last three weeks we were going through a universal growth period of facing hidden fears. You know, those inner voices that sabotage your happiness and self-esteem? Yep, you do know exactly what I’m speaking of.

We go through these periods of sharing growth levels so we can grow as a collective of humanity. This brings greater understanding between us, but it can also create greater agitation with those who want to hold onto their fear to control others.

When we experience this fear with ourselves it is important to know that this fear is just an old recording and has no power over us, unless we give in to it and believe it as a true voice. To get rid of this old recording simply write out everything it is saying as your inner voice. Then burn the paper completely in a safe place. Personally, I’ve found that it is better to burn the paper outside in a fireproof container rather than in the sink inside. The ash can clog the pipes and create quite a mess.

As we grow together, we also become stronger as a collective of humanity. It’s our unique way to create universal harmony. When we hear in the news about those who still want to control others through fear and intimidation, know that they are losing their power even when they are trying to hold on. You just can’t fight against the Light. It’s too powerful because it’s made of pure Love.

There will be another surge from Andromeda the week of April 30th. Welcome the Light!

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