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What in the World is Going On – June 2018

What in The World is Going On?

In the week beginning June 11 we welcome the new star light surging toward us from Andromeda. These surges are lasting between 8 to 10 days, with the next surge occurring the week of July 2.

Our personal energy matrix is shifting to accommodate this new light and the raising of our vibrations. Old outdated ideas and beliefs are coming to the surface of our consciousness to be cleared away through these raising vibrations. We can feel “spacey” with short tempers and tired even with a night’s rest. Our rest can be disrupted many times through our sleep, as though some one wants us to wake up to activities. This is because we are processing this new light throughout every level of our self.

We are growing rapidly, in fact so rapidly that it is difficult to track the changes through our body and our life. You may want to slow down, but everything continues to speed up. It is though we are gaining velocity to escape the confines of our old existence.

Many of us have already begun to feel this freedom with a sense of synchronicity throughout our day. It’s beautiful with almost a silky sensation to it. Yet, we are still faced with the challenge to trust our process and what is being continually presented to us, even though it may not agree with the vision of our life.

The new moon on June 13 will assist us with the strength to find our natural rhythm with these changes and find our clarity.

The full moon called the “Strawberry Moon” will assist us to leave behind those things that no longer serve us so that we may begin a new story of our life.

Move with the grace that you are not alone, the peacefulness that you are always given your answers, and the joy that you are a new star being created to shine the light of your uniqueness as a gift to this world.

Remember, you are magnificent and unique and never will be duplicated.

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