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What in the World is Going On – September 2019

Wow! We have some very important and possibly life changing dates coming soon.

You may have been feeling that something big and important is coming. You may have been feeling as though you’re taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, or that you are questioning your choices a lot. This is the energy of this time, but it’s all about to change.

For some the change may seem slow, at first, but it will speed up quickly this year.

Although I’m not an astrologer, I’m quite accurate in intuitively picking up on important planetary changes and dates. Recently, my Angels have been giving me specific dates which align to these changes we are all about to experience. To explain these changes in further detail I was guided to watch this video on YouTube:

I feel confident in what she is saying because she mentions the exact same dates that I’ve been given by my Angels. The dates are 9/14 and 9/19. On the 14th is the full Harvest moon in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the sign of endings and new beginnings. This means that if you want to make big changes or decisions to change your life then you’ll want to do it by this date. Even if you set a strong intention but can’t move forward just yet then this will be enough to support your life, because what is set in on this date will be the foundation of your life for the next 12 years.

On the 19th Saturn goes direct. Saturn is the bringer of Karma and puts everything back into harmony.

The next important dates are 10/4, 11/19, 12/16, 1/13/20. And 1/23/20. When you watch the video, she’ll give you more details on these dates.

Around the autumnal equinox on 9/23 the surge from Andromeda will bring and additional new harmonic with it. This new harmonic can assist us to move through these upcoming dates with greater ease and clarity. The surges are now lasting longer from Andromeda, but not occurring as frequent. Most of the surges are lasting 4-6 weeks, however they are coming every 2-4 months.

Haniel will speak about all of this next channeling on 9/21, so stay tuned for more information to assist your life.

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