About Memra

Memra, is a unique and gifted deep full trance medium who had her abilities almost fully developed at birth. Born in Southern California during an earthquake, Memra carries that same elemental energy adding to the passion of her work, her deep faith in the Divine, and endless searching for the truth.

Her journey of life has taken her through the assistance of many beloved teachers, also with unique abilities. She is forever grateful for their wisdom, courage, and honesty. Through their wisdom, as well as her own, Memra has learned that, for her, to be a true teacher she must be true to herself and face all her fears. In this way she felt she would become a teacher who “walks her talk”, and Memra exemplifies this in every aspect of her nature.

In the beginning of her career using her mediumship abilities, she participated is solving crimes with the police, and private detectives while working in accounting in the corporate world. About this same time she was diagnosed with a growing brain tumor. After many years of failing health, she turned to the truth she was taught about the Divine, and a miraculous instant healing occurred, much to the surprise of her doctor.

Her interest in teaching others how to do the same healing for their life began to take form. She studied all she could on energy and energy medicine, and became a Reiki Master Teacher. Memra became determined to face any obstacle to her growth of her abilities, her faith, and to answer the universal question of “who am I?”

Today, through her loving presence she shares her story of wisdom with the world as an international medium and spiritual teacher. Memra has found her inner doorway to her soul’s light and Divine love, and she is honored to assist you to do the same, and beyond.