About Us

The Master | Wings Alive

The name for our company came from the inspiration of the beautiful energetic configuration which is formed around your body when your Chakras are active, harmonized, and balanced, and your CHI level remains consistently high. When this occurs, energy is directed vertically through the center of your body where your main Chakras are. The energy leaves the top of your head much like a fountain of light. The energy spreads out in all directions and down the sides of your body to enter through the base of your spine creating a “wing-like” structure signaling more life within you…Wings Alive.

Wings Alive is about CHI, life force energy, and how to master this force to bring about the renewal of humanity’s true connection to the beautiful and miraculous soul within each individual. In doing so, we sustain our deepest and most profound ability to create a life that many of us have only dreamed of.

We know that this connection is sweet, loving, and powerful. Our true connection to the eternal living soul; our soul, the real self within.

I’ve had the honor to work for many years with an Ascended Master of CHI. This information has been profound in my life as I use these techniques daily. I always marvel at the idea that this power has been with me all along, and I didn’t know. I was not taught this information when I was trained in Reiki, even though Reiki is about CHI. My curiosity and deep daily meditation connected me with this Master, and profound information.

I love to share this information with you as an unfolding exploration of the power we all have, and rarely use. We are able to sustain our miracles with CHI, because miracles are the living connection and communication with the Divine within us.

You can be happy, loving, successful, and fulfilled every day. I live this reality, and I know you can too!

Be with love,