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What in the World is Going On – November 2019

What in the World is Going On?

Last month Andromeda surged until 10/21 bringing with it a new harmonic. This is the 3rd harmonic which is being added to our energy field. According to Haniel, there won’t be any further harmonics added for the next 5 years.

This may seem easy to handle energetically for some who are diligently work on keeping their energy field updated. For me personally, it has not been as easy as I would’ve hoped. I have been eternally grateful to Haniel for mentioning the recordings on YouTube of the 528hz music. I’ve found that listening to the music has smoothed out the changes in my energy field considerably. Here’s a link to the music that I am enjoying

Of course, we have the exciting activity of Saturn influencing us. So, while our energy field is raising in vibrations, Saturn is pushing us to be better than we have allowed ourselves to be so far. Saturn is NOT a gentle planet and is relentless in it’s pushing. I’ve been able to keep myself centered through all of this by remembering to forgive and be grateful daily.

Remember that this is a very creative time period. If you keep your thoughts in judging, complaining, criticism, cynicism, anger, or anything negative then you’re going to get a whole lot more of that. Try to be forgiving of yourself and everyone and be grateful for as much as you can to get out of that nasty place.

Mercury will be in retrograde from 10/31 to 11/20.

There are some great things coming this month. First us the full moon on 11/12.

The full moon on Tuesday November 12, 2019 at 19° Taurus is excellent for completing a long-term goal. The November 2019 full moon will help you turn your dreams into reality because it activates the major planetary aspect of 2019, Saturn sextile Neptune. The power of the November 2019 full moon to make your dreams come true is intensified by a positive aspect to Pluto. While Mars sextile Jupiter gives the energy, initiative and good fortune to ensure success.

The second is another surge of Karma payback on 11/19. So, for all of you who have really good Karma look for your great good coming to you multiplied.

Please join us on 11/16 for the next live channeling at the Unity Church of Denver at 10:00am!

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What in the World is Going On – September 2019

Wow! We have some very important and possibly life changing dates coming soon.

You may have been feeling that something big and important is coming. You may have been feeling as though you’re taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, or that you are questioning your choices a lot. This is the energy of this time, but it’s all about to change.

For some the change may seem slow, at first, but it will speed up quickly this year.

Although I’m not an astrologer, I’m quite accurate in intuitively picking up on important planetary changes and dates. Recently, my Angels have been giving me specific dates which align to these changes we are all about to experience. To explain these changes in further detail I was guided to watch this video on YouTube:

I feel confident in what she is saying because she mentions the exact same dates that I’ve been given by my Angels. The dates are 9/14 and 9/19. On the 14th is the full Harvest moon in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the sign of endings and new beginnings. This means that if you want to make big changes or decisions to change your life then you’ll want to do it by this date. Even if you set a strong intention but can’t move forward just yet then this will be enough to support your life, because what is set in on this date will be the foundation of your life for the next 12 years.

On the 19th Saturn goes direct. Saturn is the bringer of Karma and puts everything back into harmony.

The next important dates are 10/4, 11/19, 12/16, 1/13/20. And 1/23/20. When you watch the video, she’ll give you more details on these dates.

Around the autumnal equinox on 9/23 the surge from Andromeda will bring and additional new harmonic with it. This new harmonic can assist us to move through these upcoming dates with greater ease and clarity. The surges are now lasting longer from Andromeda, but not occurring as frequent. Most of the surges are lasting 4-6 weeks, however they are coming every 2-4 months.

Haniel will speak about all of this next channeling on 9/21, so stay tuned for more information to assist your life.

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What in the World is Going On – June 2018

What in The World is Going On?

In the week beginning June 11 we welcome the new star light surging toward us from Andromeda. These surges are lasting between 8 to 10 days, with the next surge occurring the week of July 2.

Our personal energy matrix is shifting to accommodate this new light and the raising of our vibrations. Old outdated ideas and beliefs are coming to the surface of our consciousness to be cleared away through these raising vibrations. We can feel “spacey” with short tempers and tired even with a night’s rest. Our rest can be disrupted many times through our sleep, as though some one wants us to wake up to activities. This is because we are processing this new light throughout every level of our self.

We are growing rapidly, in fact so rapidly that it is difficult to track the changes through our body and our life. You may want to slow down, but everything continues to speed up. It is though we are gaining velocity to escape the confines of our old existence.

Many of us have already begun to feel this freedom with a sense of synchronicity throughout our day. It’s beautiful with almost a silky sensation to it. Yet, we are still faced with the challenge to trust our process and what is being continually presented to us, even though it may not agree with the vision of our life.

The new moon on June 13 will assist us with the strength to find our natural rhythm with these changes and find our clarity.

The full moon called the “Strawberry Moon” will assist us to leave behind those things that no longer serve us so that we may begin a new story of our life.

Move with the grace that you are not alone, the peacefulness that you are always given your answers, and the joy that you are a new star being created to shine the light of your uniqueness as a gift to this world.

Remember, you are magnificent and unique and never will be duplicated.

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What in the World is Going On – May 2018

What in The World is Going On?

On May 29 the full moon is called the “Full Flower Moon”. What a lovely name! This name comes from ancient times and signifies the best time to plant flowers, as well as seeing the flowers planted come to full bloom. It’s a time of fertility and new growth.

During the week of May 21 Andromeda continues to send intense waves of new star light to the Earth, as Andromeda is the nursery for new stars in the Heavens. This new light pushes our growth of remembrance of who we really are to the surface of our consciousness. As it does, it also pushes to the surface of our awareness anything that can’t hold on to the light. Guilt, shame, anger, pain, false beliefs and ideas held in our subconscious can’t be suppressed any longer.

This intense growth time can make it very difficult to stay grounded into your body. The ability to stay present, to stay in the moment, to make clear and rational decisions can be hindered greatly. We’re simply not used to this type of intense light coming at us every 3 weeks. Chanting the code 3:23 can be very stabilizing. It really helps.

Here are the rest of the surge week dates for 2018:
6\11; 7\2; 7\23; 8\13; 9\3; 9\24; 10\15; 11\5; 11\26; 12\17

During these weeks please be patient and forgiving to yourself and others. Try not to react. Give yourself time before you respond to any stressful situation. And, remember, we’re all going through intense change at the same time.

Sometimes this growth can feel like the volcanic eruptions Hawaii is currently experiencing. Just like the volcano’s molten ancient lava, the flowing fire of truth deep inside of us needs to be released to form our true self once again.

Our entire electro-magnetic field is shaken by these eruptions. It’s difficult to sleep, and we can feel tired all the time. Our emotions can be erratic, and we can feel more than normal uncertainty about ourselves. Whew!

Meditate, wear copper, take vitamins and drinking PH balanced water can help you to get through these time periods.

But, most of all, remember to be kind to yourself and others. We are all precious Beings of Light.

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What in the World is Going On – April 2018

What in the world is going on? We have just ended another period of Mercury in retrograde, and this one was a whopper!

During these planetary events we can experience reverses, missed objects, difficulty in communication, break-down of electrical components, and countless other difficulties.

This last three weeks we were going through a universal growth period of facing hidden fears. You know, those inner voices that sabotage your happiness and self-esteem? Yep, you do know exactly what I’m speaking of.

We go through these periods of sharing growth levels so we can grow as a collective of humanity. This brings greater understanding between us, but it can also create greater agitation with those who want to hold onto their fear to control others.

When we experience this fear with ourselves it is important to know that this fear is just an old recording and has no power over us, unless we give in to it and believe it as a true voice. To get rid of this old recording simply write out everything it is saying as your inner voice. Then burn the paper completely in a safe place. Personally, I’ve found that it is better to burn the paper outside in a fireproof container rather than in the sink inside. The ash can clog the pipes and create quite a mess.

As we grow together, we also become stronger as a collective of humanity. It’s our unique way to create universal harmony. When we hear in the news about those who still want to control others through fear and intimidation, know that they are losing their power even when they are trying to hold on. You just can’t fight against the Light. It’s too powerful because it’s made of pure Love.

There will be another surge from Andromeda the week of April 30th. Welcome the Light!