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We all have busy lives, and don’t have time to stay in meditation throughout our day. So we offer these delightful products to maintain a high CHI level daily.

Divine Flow Stamps and Pens:

I received this symbol from Archangel Haniel many years ago. It concentrates the power of CHI to maintain flow of positive energy. Many individuals have tried to draw this symbol on their own checks and business cards, however I noticed that they were not able to draw the symbol correctly to maintain the power of CHI.

We created these wonderful stamps and pens with the correct symbol to make everything easier. You can put the stamp onto your checks, business cards, homework, job resumes, or anything that you would like to add concentrated positive energy to. The pens are used for everything. Be creative!

I use the stamp and pen every day and I love it!


Several years ago, in one of my monthly live webcast with Archangel Haniel, she discussed the “5 Miracle Statements”. She said that if you state these 5 statements every day it creates the energy of miracles in your life. The energy of miracles, Archangel Haniel said, is as though you have a magic wand delightfully directing this energy with love, joy, and happiness.

The ribbon surrounding the wand contains the “5 Miracle Statements”:

  1. I am the thoughts of God.
  2. All resources are available to me.
  3. I have the answer.
  4. I am the miracle and everything in my life reflects this.
  5. I am enough!

The wands are carefully hand-crafted by our wonderful Britt who treats each wand as a precious Divine creation. They’re each delicate original forms of art, no two are exactly the same. Each quartz crystal ball on the ends of the wand have the same energy embedded into them as our crystals on our Crystal Gallery. As a result, we’ve found that the wands can carry the same type of ability to magnify concentrated CHI energy for positive flow.

The wands are a lot of fun to use! Some individuals have used the wands for deep restful sleep by holding the wand to their chest while sleeping, or placing the wand between the mattresses to sleep on. We’ve also heard of individuals creatively using the wand for healing, concentrating Reiki energy, for blessing items, used in wedding ceremonies, and the list goes on.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Let’s face it, we just don’t get enough hugs every day.

So, we created this beautiful blanket to help you with the feeling of being hugged. When you are gently hugged, your energy centers, called Chakras which create CHI, are balanced and strengthened. As though you’re being hugged by an Angel. The symbols which are embroidered on each blanket were given to us during one of my channeled sessions with Archangel Haniel. These beautiful symbols are from the Angelic language which carries a very pure energy. We’ve added to the embroidered circle the translation for each symbol of: Clarity, Happiness, Healed, Love, Oneness, Prosperity, Protection and Tranquil.

Individuals have reported to us that wearing this blanket helped them to sleep more soundly, stimulate dreaming, added to the feelings of safety, reduced nightmares in children, assisted with healing, and reducing stress. Made on one side of Sherpa lamb’s wool and one side faux micro mink, measures 50″ x 60″, and is a perfect traveling size. Machine washable with a concealed zipper so that you may turn the blanket inside out for ease in maintaining the quality of the fabric while washing.

We hope that you love this blanket as much as we do!

Colors: Purple; Red; Royal Blue; Aqua, Orange; Camel; and Vanilla

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