Reiki Classes – Awakening to CHI Connecting with the Divine


Reiki Classes – Awakening to CHI

Given by Memra, RMT

Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui who was a Buddhist monk in Japan, and it is part of the family of Chinese Qigong. Through the flowing of Reiki energy, or CHI – Universal Life Force, one can achieve a greater sense of relaxation and stillness within, as well as achieving a greater flow of life on all levels. In our hectic lives today, the main culprit to illness is stress. We have depleted our ability to genuinely to relax and feel safe, drastically lower our own CHI. In doing so we have lives in disharmony, lack, and stress. Through Reiki we can regain our sense of personal, emotional, and spiritual balance, connect to our soul’s unlimited power, as well as achieving a more fulfilling and joyous life!

Reiki is taught at three levels. Each level teaches new skills to add to your life regaining harmony and flow while raising the power of your own CHI – Life Force Energy:

  • Reiki 1st Degree – During this class you will learn the history of Reiki, the Power/Protection symbol for Reiki, setting a sacred space, personal Reiki treatment, how to work with the molecules to manifest a greater reality, the true power of CHI and how to build this power while utilizing it every day and more. This is a 2-day class, and is a prerequisite for taking the Reiki 2nd Degree class.
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  • Reiki 2nd Degree – During this class you will learn how to send Reiki long distance, to work with the Chakras, Karma cleansing, removing energy blockages, emotional causes behind illness, full-body Reiki treatment, working with dimensional time, the Gateway and Emotional Reiki symbols, and a Dis-spelling Dis-harmony Tibetan symbol. We will also discuss how to set up your own Reiki practice. This is a 2-day class, and it is a prerequisite for taking the Reiki 3rd Degree class.
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  • 3rd Degree Class – Reiki 3rd Degree Master/Teacher Level – During this class you will be attuned to the Reiki Master level which consciously connects you to the Divine Spark, our soul’s true light. You will learn how to give Reiki attunements, how to master your own power to create a greater reality. You will receive instruction and information on how to teach Reiki to others. The last attunement you are given to become a Reiki Master is given by Archangel Haniel. In order to qualify for this class you must demonstrate to the Reiki Master Teacher that you know all of the Reiki symbols and their usages by heart, and have given at least 25 individual Reiki treatments to others. This is a 4-day class.
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Reiki 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree classes are now available for enrollment. Once we receive your enrollment, a confirmation email will follow with location of class and some further instruction to help you prepare for class. Class time is 10:00 to 4:00 both days, please arrive before class time begins. Lunch break is from 12:00 – 1:00. Please prepay for class via PayPal. For additional questions please call Kathryn at 720.302.3992, or email us at

Participant Dates Level Price Payment
New Student 2018 Jan. 25 – 27
2018 Jun. 21 -23
Reiki 1st Degree $234 PayPal Button
Graduate / Auditor Please email your certificate from your previous class to Reiki 1st Degree $99 PayPal Button

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Location: Mt. Vernon Country Club, 24933 Club House Cir, Golden, CO 80401
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Connecting With the Divine – Building Your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities and Connecting with Your Soul

with Memra, RMT
Level One: Creating a foundation for Your Natural Abilities

After many decades of practice and career as an internationally renowned medium, Memra is opening her treasure chest of wisdom, and practical knowledge for those that are seeking to gain a greater personal connection with the Divine, and your soul.

Join us for level one and three days of learning, as Memra teaches about building a foundation for your natural psychic and intuitive abilities. All levels of experience are welcome.

“The greater relationship you have with the Divine, and the greater trust you have with the Divine, the greater will be your abilities. That equation never changes.” – Memra Yekara

Memra is a natural deep full-trance medium and channel for Archangel Haniel. With clients from Guam to Germany, and over 6000 recorded channeling sessions Memra brings through information that assists people all over the world to live a life that is full of great happiness, joy, abundance, health and creativity.

  • 2017: Thursday Sep. 30 – Saturday Oct. 2
  • 2018: Thursday Feb. 15 – Saturday Feb. 17 & Thursday Sep. 20 – Saturday Sep. 22

Location: Mt. Vernon Country Club, 24933 Club House Cir, Golden, CO 80401
Price: $351 | Register Now
For questions email or call Kathryn at 720.302.3992.