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We love these quartz crystals. They are unique because they are “awake”.

For many decades I’ve worked with crystals to enhance my psychic abilities. Although I’ve worked with many crystals which were quite powerful in assisting me with clarity, none were ever as powerful as these crystals. About once a year we collect these quartz crystals from a mine in the beautiful Hot Springs valley of Arkansas. They are in their very raw form caked in minerals. We are the first humans to get to see their magnificence as we carefully clean them.

As we clean them, a small voice begins to speak from the crystal. The first time that I heard the crystal speak, I was quite shocked! Before then, I’d never heard this voice in any of the other crystals I’d ever used.

I believe that quartz crystals are another unique life form, ancient Beings formed millions of years ago. And, just like any other life form, they deserve to be respected. Most crystals are harvested without this knowledge, and go to “sleep” as a result. When a crystal goes to “sleep”, I’ve experienced their ability to magnify concentrated CHI energy is diminished, just as our abilities are when we are sleeping.

Once our quartz crystals are cleaned, they’re set out in the sunlight for one full moon cycle. Then 117 Angelic symbols, prayers, and Reiki energies are permanently embedded into each crystal. As a full deep-trance medium, I channel Archangel Haniel to speak with each crystal and ask them to describe their purpose with humanity. These session are recorded to go with each new owner of the crystal.

They are all precious Beings to us and we are delighted to share them with you!

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