Channeling Events

In 1997 I was introduced to a magnificent 57 foot bright pink Archangel named Haniel. After channeling thousands of times, I began to offer monthly group sessions with this amazing Angel. Her teachings are profound with a sense of humor, and always useful information to help your life daily to become the true life that you are wanting to experience.

Archangel Haniel’s information is not about doom and gloom, but rather about how we are magnificent powerful Beings that can change this world for the better through our own thoughts, feelings, and our true soul within.

Please come and join us to receive this information for your life!

Channeling Events Registration/Participation:

To access previous channeling recordings:

  • Audio Recording ($39) – For those not able to join in person or via webcast, you can fully participate in the monthly channeling by listening to the recording. Annual subscription members receive each monthly Archangel Haniel message – read more about memberships. Individual sessions are also available for sale.

The channeling events begin with welcoming announcements and then Memra goes into channel, leaving her body and allowing Archangel Haniel to come through fully as she has complete access to all of Memra’s body. It can be quite wondrous to watch a 57 foot angel trying to be in a 5 foot body, but Archangel Haniel does this with grace, love, and gentleness. Memra stays in channel the entire time. 10 minute breaks are given every hour.

At the end of the channeling session, you can “touch halos” with Archangel Haniel and she will send out the energy of her 4 halos to you to activate and harmonize your energy field strengthening the field over-all that offers healing, reinforcement and support to us. The “touching of halos” is done for all, whether you are in-person, watching the webcast or listening to the recording.