Bonding to the Universe


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I am called Bonding to the Universe. I am two crystals that have come together. As they come together a third crystal has started to grow, coming through as a phantom crystal. I have a tremendous amount of power. It allows that which is in disharmony, weather is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic or interdimensional, to come into harmony specific to who you are to the degree you allow. Can bring clarity to your Spiritual Journey. If there is something you can affect you can change it by meditating with this crystal. Brings opportunity to manifest exactly what you want. Allows you to receive. My job is to get you to know who you are. I bring with me Angels Thomosa, Amera & Orano


Crystal Awakening:

I was introduced to and awakened by Archangel Haniel on 1-5-2019

If you have any trouble playing the audio file above, you can listen to the awakening introduction session here.

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