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I am called In The Now. I am an elestial. I will bring all you energy into your body to be centered and grounded. I keep you connected into your guidance and ability to hear your guidance clearer. Anything in the past that holds you back or keeps you stuck or trauma your holding defense about, you no longer remember it, they are no longer in your memory or DNA. You are in observation mode, no past only right now.

An elestial, is self-healed. All elestial crystals form their own complete matrix. This crystal holds so much power it had to break off from the mother crystal. Hold in left you left hand, your receiving hand.


Crystal Awakening:

I was introduced to and awakened by Archangel Haniel on 8-2-2019

If you have any trouble playing the audio file above, you can listen to the awakening introduction session here.

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