Crystal of Metamorphosis


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I am called Crystal of Metamorphosis. I come with an Angel that metamorphosis’s with you, Seiansa Anso. I am an elestial – healing crystal. Quite an extraordinary crystal. I am for someone on a journey of letting go of anything that would compromise the journey of releasing parts of your personality that doesn’t serve you any more by delaying it, in fear, resistance and guilt. As you meditate with this crystal it weaves a golden light through you that grows your knowingness. An extraordinary guide to achieving what you want to achieve. Angel takes you into God mind were all the answers are. Helps in making the right decisions. Solidifies God consciousness within you. Wonderful for recharging your energies. Assists you to move through these levels of accelerated growth. As though you have plucked a crystal from heaven. You are now holding Crystalized heaven in your hand. Helps master your life path. Increase ability of clairvoyance.

Crystal Awakening:

I was introduced to and awakened by Archangel Haniel on 5/01/2018.

If you have any trouble playing the audio file above, you can listen to the awakening introduction session here.

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